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Deep Dive: The Development of an Exploit

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Everywhere there's talk about cyber crime; hacker attacks have become ordinary as well as indignation about intelligence services and spy tools. However, there's only a limited number of people who understand the basics of how a digital attack works.

The book Deep Dive: The Development of an Exploit explains how a hacker thinks, tricks and works. By taking advantage of a vulnerability, the reader is tutored to develop an exploit for controlling a victim remotely in a step-by-step instruction, in the fine tradition of the excellent Corelan-Tutorials.

If you want to understand how an exploit is developed, this technically well-ground book will provide you with hands-on experience: it offers you a step-by-step tutorial. Roll up your sleeves, put your fingers on your keyboard, it's workshop time!

Paperback: 160 pages Language: English ISBN: 978-3738620092


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Deep Dive: The Development of an Exploit

Available at Amazon and Books on Demand. Also available as e-Book for Amazon Kindle, Apple iBook, Google Play, and other models.

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