Security Analysis


Within the scope of conducting a security audit, we analyze your software, hardware, infrastructure of networks, and IT processes, focusing on identifying vulnerabilities, risks and potential for threats … before others do so!





Our software audits examine automated and manual source code reviews as well as:


  • vulnerabilities to exploit techniques

  • compiler and linker options

  • runtime environments and protection

  • build and versioning processes

  • software architecture

  • data classifications

  • interfaces, ports and protocols

  • cryptographic algorithms





When we examine hardware, our special focus is on:


  • Vulnerability Assessments

  • System Hardening

  • Secure Configuration

  • Patch Management





If a hacker has accomplished an intrusion, he or she will try to jump from server to server to penetrate more and more deeply into your company's network.


While auditing the structures of your network, we check whether your applications are seggregated properly and designed according to the “least privilege principle”.



Ethical Approach


With your explicit permission, we will also apply of strategies from the area of

“ethical hacking”, for example:


  • Exploiting

  • Cracking

  • Man-in-the-Middle-Attacks

  • Reverse Engineering

  • Fuzzing



Our audits conclude with a detailed report, the creation of an action plan, as well as recommendations for mitigating the identified risks.


Of course, we are happy to develop a solution for a secure architecture of software, hardware, network and IT processes subsequently.

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